Founded in 1977, The Sheep Meadow Press is a nonprofit press dedicated to publishing poetry and belles-lettres.

Sheep Meadow is attracted to poets of great merit who for one reason or another have been turned away from commercial publishers. Among the more than 250 books that Sheep Meadow has published are works by Stanley Kunitz, Hayden Carruth, F.T. Prince, Stephen Berg, Alberto Ríos, Bruce Smith, Christopher Middleton, Edward Field, Arthur Gregor, Rangi McNeil, Diana Der-Hovanessian, Kathryn Starbuck, Rebecca Seiferle, Raza Ali Hasan, Cleopatra Mathis, Tory Dent, and Aliki, Tony and Willis Barnstone.

Sheep Meadow has published translations of Yehuda Amichai, Paul Celan, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernandez, Claire Malroux, Dahlia Ravikovitch, Yona Wallach, Pierre Martory, César Vallejo, Manuel Bandeira, Luis Cernuda and Fernando Pessoa. Among our translators are John Ashbery, Marilyn Hacker, Edwin Honig, Richard Zenith, David Tabbat, Reginald Gibbons, David Slavitt, Ted Hughes, and Yehuda Amichai.

Sheep Meadow Press books are distributed by The University Press of New England.