Born in 1927 in the western Ukraine and displaced by the Second World War, BOHDAN BOYCHUK, one of the Ukraine's leading voices, now lives in the United States. He has written six volumes of poetry, two novels, eight plays, and was literary editor of the Ukrainian magazine Suchasnist. Memories of Love is a selection of his best work.

"To describe Memories of Love is to describe a world. Passion is its being, ever possessed with itself, for death by murder is here: the Nazi hell against which in youth in the Ukraine Bohdan Boychuk placed his fierce identity with love. In his mature years in the United States, beauty and discipline of line transcend the past, and love is released with sexual force from his despair. The full, human dimension of love is here realized. Boychuk, choosing poems from his previous volumes, has placed before us a book of deliverance, his world."—David Ignatow

"Bohdan Boychuk's poems resound with the music of sorrow suffered and sorrow surpassed. The sequence 'Three Dimensional Love,' which plays and private memories of love against the epic of destruction that was Ukrainian (and European) history, is especially powerful. Rudman and Ignatow are to be praised for their lucid, emphatic renderings."—Sven Birkerts