Marc Cohen was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island. He is the author of the chapbooks On Maplewood Time and Mecox Road, and his work has appeared in three editions of The Best American Poetry. He served as an editor for the Intuflo Chapbook Series and was awarded grants from the Fund for Poetry in 1990 and 1992. He splits his time between New York City and Sag Harbor.

"His is a unique voice which sounds like nobody else's, except perhaps the quieter lyrical poems of Hart Crane—one of the high points in twentieth-century poetry and a path which, curiously, few poets have chosen to follow. Whether or not Cohen has done so, his poetry hungers after the sublime in the same way Crane's does, without making any concessions to the ancillary graces and seductions of poetic language, yet achieving them almost fortuitously, through his intense concentration on the task at hand: the making of the poem."—John Ashbery