EMILY FRAGOS is an award-winning poet who teaches creative writing at NYU and Columbia University. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, Best American Poetry, and The Paris Review. She is the author of a collection of poetry, Little Savage and editor of the anthologies The Great Cat, The Dance, and Music’s Spell. She lives in New York City.

“Emily Fragos is a thin-skinned, tough-minded poet of this world. Her sensual sensibility is unrestrained by conventional perceptual grids. Her poems take us by surprise...Fragos’s trust in language is fruitful, justified. No word she writes is an advertisement for herself. The out-going empathy which moves her now and then even allows her moments in which persons, acts, things, and self are poised as if reconciled. We are enlarged by her resonant verbal imagination.”—Marie Ponsot

“Like Maeterlinck, like Rilke, [Emily Fragos] exults in her discovered awareness: ‘I need the other/the way a virus/needs a host’…She imbues, she infects all of us with the consciousness that there are no single souls: we are not alone.”—Richard Howard