ALLISON FUNK has published two previous books of poems, Living at the Epicenter, which won the Samuel French Morse Prize and Forms of Conversation. Educated at Columbia University, she is Professor of English at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

“Allison Funk in a single poem moves within very few words from a line that is dew-like, made with the lightest of touches, almost transparent — to oceanic power. This counterpoint contained within her chosen forms gives her work a beauty that should last, with good reason, longer than nuclear shields, gas masks, and other fashions.”—Stanley Moss

“Allison Funk’s The Knot Garden is an extraordinary book. It deserves (and will soon find) readers as lucky as I have been to enjoy its luscious aches and perfect lovely sadnesses. Plainly, if she continues to write like this, to make the kind of leap this new book represents, Allison Funk will prove herself to be what some of us have figured her for already —a major American poet.”—Robert Wrigley