RAZA ALI HASAN is the author of Grieving Shias (Sheep Meadow Press) and 67 mogul miniatures. He was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and grew up in Indonesia and Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently instructor of Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

"Raza Ali Hasan takes us behind the lifted veil and through the hole in the sheet that hides the bride. He's a verbal magician and a talent to watch. Read this."—Mary Karr

"Once at home in Pakistan, now nested in Colorado, Ali Hasan writes in newsreel cuneiform. His poetry tastes of fast foods and ancient feasts, his language is spiced with moral and political ginger. Or you might say his proven experimental poetry written out of necessity allows him to survive in the academy of broken hearts and letters. His poetry and learning come out of texts and battles, lost and won, and march from state to state. Somehow, mysteriously, Ali Hasan’s poetry is informed by love he never speaks of. How can an eagle sing like a nightingale? How can a raptor protect the reader with his wing?"—Stanley Moss