JUDITH JOHNSON is the award-winning author of six books of poetry and one of short fiction. She is Associate Dean in the Women's Studies and graduate writing programs of the State University of New York at Albany.

“This remarkable style, more like a rapid telephone conversation than like anything transcribable on a page, vivifies poems into a flashing strobe-light flicker of the mind… Judith Johnson has a more primitive grip on some instinctual and pre-intellectual babble of language, so that a clear helter-skelter spring of bubbling sounds waters her poems, as if in some pure obbligato the poems were accompanying themselves on a lute.”—Helen Vendler, The New York Times Book Review

“This writing moves instantly to confront the presumptions and complex orders our experience. Its scale and courage are deeply attractive, and the wedding of too often opposed rhetorics, scientific and poetic, is in itself an achievement that merits respect.”—Robert Creeley