JAKOV LIND was born in Vienna in 1927 and fled to Holland when Hitler invaded Austria. He lived in London, New York, and Majorca. He is the author of several works of fiction and drama, including Soul of Wood, Landscape in Concrete, Ergo, Travels to the Enu, and two volumes of autobiography, Counting My Steps and Numbers.

Of Jakov Lind’s Travels to the Enu (1982), Time magazine wrote, “In every work he manages to reduce history to a wild nightmare from which one wakes up laughing. In his latest novel, with a nod to Jonathan Swift, grand master of the savage laugh and the surreal voyage, Lind sets sail on one of his most inspired trips.”

“Jakov Lind is the most notable short story writer to appear in the last two decades… what symbolism, what nightmare visions and surrealistic drama—what art!”—The New York Times Book Review

“A fantastic…literary talent. You can throw all sorts of names around in attempting to suggest the atmosphere of Jakov Lind—Kafka, Pinter, Rolf Hochhuth, Arthur Schnitzler, Sholem Aleichem, Bernard Malamud. But this won’t do. Jakov Lind is an original.”—San Francisco Chronicle