FARAH MARKLEVITS was born in 1977 and grew up in Red Wing, Minnesota. Her poems have appeared in Cimarron Review, Born Magazine, and other journals. She teaches at Syracuse University.


SARAH C. HARWELL works as a linguistic analyst teaching computers how to parse and comprehend the language of newspapers, dating websites, and NASA engineers. She lives in Syracuse, New York, with her daughter.


COURTNEY QUEENEY was born in Chicago in 1978. Her first collection, Filibuster to Delay a Kiss and Other Poems, was published by Random House in 2007.



[image of Three New Poets: Sarah Harwell, Farah Marklevits, Courtney Queeney]



“For years I've bragged that the Syracuse [Creative Writing] Program is the best in the country, and now there's a collection that proves it. These three young women—recent grads—trounce the under-read and over-posed poets of their generation. Each writes with ardor, wit, and linguistic invention. Each writes with feeling and clarity and a voice wrenched from the meat of her body.” —Mary Karr

“Sarah Coleman Harwell is our Magellan of love. She speaks with intensity, words put under the pressure of a syntax alert for sound and interior collisions of meaning. Her skill in reversing the known and the unknown, the loved and unloved, the knotted from the unknotted, have the effect of making us come into a new and devastating awareness.”—Bruce Smith