AARON ROSEN was born in Utica, New York. He has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He taught for many years at SUNY Buffalo where he also served as Provost. His work has appeared in numerous journals including Choice, Epoch, Hambone, Kenyon Review, and Partisan Review. His collections of poetry published by The Sheep Meadow Press include TracesTaps for SpaceReluctant Mirrors, Proximities, Prowling Sequiturs. He lives in Boston.

"The Hall of Mirrors is also of course a site of infinite reflection. It is in that place Aaron Rosen chooses to stand ... he discovers marvels of form there, flesh, shadow, pulse, ash, syllable and silence, glyphs of our becoming and unbecoming."—Michael Palmer

"The process of movement in these poems is cool, a constant elevation of tonality that only such constant gestures of breakthrough could muster"—Albert Cook

“A poet of wit, spit, and polish, Aaron Rosen deals with two major themes, love and language, each held close and at furthest distance. He is simultaneously spare and rich; he is a master of opposites brought into close proximity, call it storm and calm, or the proximity of appearance and illusion, certainty and hesitation. His is a poetry of discovery and preservation—the structures of his art.”—Stanley Moss