DENNIS SILK (1928, London – 1998, Jerusalem) was a rare, inimitable literary personality of modern-day Jerusalem, and an essential writer of poems, prose and experimental theater.

"Dennis Silk is a delicious poet. Utterly natural, entirely himself, he works by a curious method. What he does, in his easy way, is to surround the inexpressible, which is charmed by his siege and surrenders. It’s all very simple.”—Saul Bellow

 “The intelligence and authority of Dennis Silk’s language, his integrity and daring, are qualities that one comes to take for granted very soon in reading him. And after that, a rare elusive trait for so remarkably literate a poet: the sense of something not trammeled by the need to remain literary; the poems seem to run a range of uses in the poet’s own life, from games to testimony. A beautiful cranky freedom.”—W.S. Merwin

“A subtle and powerful poet. Every poem is a small drama.”—Yehuda Amichai