NICOLAS TREDELL is the author of Uncancelled Challenge: the Work of Raymond Williams, The Critical Decade: Culture in Crisis, Conversations with Critics, and a history of film theory, Cinemas of the Mind. He is Consultant Editor of the Palgrave Macmillan Readers' Guides and has produced five Guides for the series. He has written widely on literary criticism and theory. For many years he taught literature at the Sussex University.


The author talks with critics at the forefront of debate about culture, society, politics, religion, history, art, film and education. Included in this volume are John Barrell, Bernard Bergonzi, A.S. Byatt, Brian Cox, Terry Eagleton, Robert Hewison, Lisa Jardine, Colin MacCabe, Roger Scruton, George Steiner, Catherine Belsey, Christine Brooke-Rose, David Caute, Donald Davie, Stephen Heath, Richard Hoggart, Frank Kermode, Karl Miller, C.H. Sisson and Marina Warner. Many of the conversations were conducted for P.N. Review, a journal to which Nicolas Tredell, like some of his contributors, have a long-standing commitment. (1993).

 “Done in question-and-answer format, this book offers a wide range of opinion on virtually all major critical trends from the Thirties on: Marxism, the New Left, Sixties activism, feminism, structuralism, post- structuralism, deconstructionism, and beyond. The range of interviewees (old-schoolers like Kermode, Steiner, Bergonzi, the Marxist Terry Eagleton, the film-oriented Stephen Heath and Colin McCabe, A.S. Byatt, and Donald Davie) is truly impressive, offering varied viewpoints. The text is surprisingly straightforward-maybe the Q&A format keeps things focused-and the leaning, less surprisingly, is decidedly to the Left. Most interview subjects are very British, but this is still a valuable set of reflections for American academics. All interviews were previously published in PN Review. Recommended for most academic libraries, even those that subscribe to PN Review.”—Library Journal