THEODORE WEISS, an award-winning poet, literary critic, and teacher, co-edited the Quarterly Review of Literature from 1945-2000. He was professor emeritus at Princeton University. Weiss, who died in 2003, was the author of thirteen books of poetry. The Always Present Present includes early love letters from Theodore to his wife Renée, with poems they wrote together in his last years.

“Every page shines with wisdom, tenderness and simple virtue.”—Grace Schulman

“The shape of Weiss's poetry on the page, its coiling, spiraling movement up and down, corresponds to the way his language winds ever back on itself in the search for more precise discriminations of feeling, moral and aesthetic judgment and descriptive rightness. It is civilized poetry, in both the ordinary meaning of polish and refinement and in the higher meaning of eagerness to discover, reaffirm, and transfigure its own primitivism.”—Hayden Carruth