JAMES BRADLEY WELLS is a poet, translator, and critic. He has published a study of ancient Greek lyric poetics, Pindar’s Verbal Art. Wells teaches classical studies at DePauw University and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.


With music and circular movements and by consuming Jupiter’s
cures, earthy Virgo plants her feet down on the terraqueous
ground, her axle, her hub, and for me, my talisman
is to churn the chainring, to tempo the drivetrain, to dance
my biketires over hot asphalt in moist July . . .




“James Wells has given himself a colossal task. Bicycle straddles and somehow sings in a great chorus of, and sometimes with, provincial America, Roman and Greek literature and culture, ancient and modern—Virgil and Fellini, Greek joints and Revelation, a touch of geology, Zohar, Jesus. Love songs and much more. Read and hold on tight.”


 —Stanley Moss