ROBERT WINNER was born in the Bronx is 1930. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1952 and became a stockbroker in 1956. In 1976 he retired as vice president of a leading securities firm to become president of the Lakewood N.J. Cemetery Association.

Robert Winner's poems have appeared in numerous periodicals, including The New Yorker, TransAtlantic Review, and Ohio Review. His first book, Green in the Body, was published by Slow Loris Press in 1979; a chapbook, Origins, was published by Slow Loris Press in 1980.

"I have admired Robert Winner's poems for years. I have loved, I think, what they're rooted in, real wisdom, and knowledge, and suffering; and I have equally loved the music, the 'easygoing leaves,' 'the body singing.' He has a tough original voice, and we should listen."—Gerald Stern

"Flogging The Czar is remarkable for many reasons: its relentless poetic clarity (in the individual poems and in the book as a whole), its enormous heart, and its soaring yet quiet attachment to reality. Reading and rereading this book fills me with joy."—Thomas Lux